Fox Host a Racist For Asking Sensible Questions

It doesn’t take much to be a racist these days. Once upon a time, you had to don a white hood and burn a cross to earn that label. You had to

Obama’s Close Relationship With Abortionists

If the White House seems less than concerned about the disturbing videos coming from the Center for Medical Progress, it could be because of this administration’s long, close relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Greenspan Warns of Entitlement Spending Run Amok

In an interview with CNBC this week, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said that Americans need to be wary of how much money is being given away by the government. “To

New Feminist Cause: Air Conditioning in the Office

Most men know about the Great Air Conditioning Wars. Due to some biological aberrance, men and women are always tussling over the temperature of any given room. Stand-up comedians have based entire

Gun Production Skyrocketed Under President Obama

Talk about your unintended consequences! In a recent interview with the BBC, President Obama once again said that failing to pass meaningful gun control legislation was the biggest disappointment of his tenure

Liberals Want to Eradicate Confederate Memorials

They got what they wanted in South Carolina. Now the extremist liberals who crusaded against the Confederate flag want to go one better. Over at a website called Fusion, they’ve even put

Ted Cruz Shocks Senate With Attack on McConnell

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a man who has been no stranger to controversy since arriving in the Senate two years ago, left jaws hanging on Friday when he launched into an

Hillary’s Emails Could Trigger Criminal Investigation

Ah, there’s nothing like a presidential candidate being investigated by the Justice Department to really get the primary season swinging. While it’s premature to speculate on whether such an investigation will actually

Empty the Prisons: Who Will Obama Set Free?

When President Obama was campaigning for office, he promised that one of his first priorities would be to shut down the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He hasn’t gotten around to fulfilling

Planned Parenthood: Criminal Investigation Needed

Just when Planned Parenthood thought it was safe to go back into the abortion room, the Center for Medical Progress has released another video demonstrating how evil this organization really is. This