Obama Issues Nearly 600,000 SSNs to Illegals

Slowly but surely, the ugly truth is coming out about the lengths to which this administration has thwarted the American rule of law. Even if they manage to somehow snake their way

Abortion Back in the Conversation

After several years of taking a backseat in the culture wars, abortion is suddenly back in the spotlight. And front and center is Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, who unwittingly became a

Hillary’s Email Scandal Gets Even Shadier

Days after announcing her presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton may be saddened to realize that the little matter of her private email account is not going to be swept silently under the nearest

Constitution Sexist, Says Defense Department

According to a new report from the Daily Caller, the Defense Department is busy sending their staff through training courses that decry this nation’s founding documents as sources of sexism, racism, and

Jeb Bush Has Some Ground to Make Up

If a new Bloomberg poll is any indication, Jeb Bush has some serious hurdles to overcome if he is to follow his father and brother into the White House. Speaking to Face

How Many Deportations Does It Take?

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. How many deportations does it take to keep a criminal out of the United States? Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t a

Hillary to Launch Campaign As Support Wanes

They say timing is everything. If that’s true, Hillary Clinton may have missed her best chance to ride a wave of momentum into the White House. Expected to officially announce her candidacy

Maine Clears Food Stamp Rolls With Work Requirements

It’s amazing how much tax money you can save when you tell people that they will have to work for their food stamps. For thousands in Maine, the idea of working just

Obama Uses Easter to Slam Christians

Never content to stay above the fray, President Obama used an Easter Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday to take a swipe at the Christian community. “On Easter,” Obama said, “I do reflect on

Ok For Bakery To Refuse Anti-Gay Cake

According to the liberals we’ve heard so much from in the last couple of weeks, it’s incumbent on government to force business owners to comply with every request that comes through the