University’s New Race Policy Puts Students in Danger

Is there anything more important than remaining on the right side of political correctness? If the president of the United States is any example, the answer is a decided no. If the

Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Bill As Promised

It came as no surprise to see President Obama once again put special interest groups ahead of what’s good for America, but it was still disappointing to watch him use his third

Feminists, Wage Equality, and Left-Wing Extremists

If you needed any further sign that the left in this country has taken leave of their senses, the reaction to Patricia Arquette’s Oscar acceptance speech provided it. Winning the Academy Award

The Clinton Makeover Has Begun

According to an in-depth report in the Washington Post this weekend, an image makeover is in the works for Hillary Clinton. Presumed to be the candidate to beat, Clinton has retained a

Anatomy of a Failed Election

Three months after voters rejected the Democratic Party in the midterm elections, the Democratic National Committee has released an “autopsy” report, hoping to find out what went wrong. No, it isn’t that

DOE Wasting Our Money on Parties and Golf

The Department of Energy wants us to use a programmable thermostat, take short showers, and air dry our clothes in order to become good stewards of the environment. But when it comes

Religious Freedom Under Fire in Atlanta

These are tumultuous days for religious freedom in the United States. No, not for Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Quakers, Satanists, or Scientologists. Because they make up only a tiny fraction of the population,

A President Who Hates His Country

We’ve had bad presidents before. People still argue whether Barack Obama has done enough damage to the Oval Office to merit taking the Worst Modern President trophy from Jimmy Carter. But if

NYC Public Schools to Soften Punishments

The amount of damage Mayor Bill DeBlasio has done to one of the world’s greatest cities is incalculable. With his backwards criminal justice policies and his strained relationship with the NYPD, DeBlasio

Obama’s Newest Trick to Evade the Second Amendment

According to a new memo from the ATF, the agency is tossing around the idea of reclassifying M855 ammunition as an “armor piercing” round. If that happens, it would result in the