Land Grab: Obama’s ANWR Proposal A Terrible Idea

Even while his supporters try to make it seem as though he is responsible for the lower gas prices Americans have been enjoying this year, President Obama has made it clear that

Lines Drawn: Netanyahu Invitation Exposes Obama

For years, the relationship between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been shrouded in vague tension. While Obama has maintained public support for America’s closest Middle Eastern ally,

Bakers, Gays, and The Insanity of Anti-Discrimination Laws

Who would have thought the nation’s cake-baking industry would become a major flashpoint for the First Amendment? Over the last few years, bakers have joined T-shirt makers, photographers, and farm owners in

House Set to Vote on “Toughest Border Bill Ever”

In the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Senator Joni Ernst avoided the specific topic of executive amnesty in favor of pushing for stronger border security. That seems

State of the Union: Snark and Obstruction

There have been calls from some political analysts to abolish the annual State of the Union address. Claiming it amounts to little more than a partisan rah-rah speech from the figurative head

Campaign Insiders Say Clinton Will Focus on Women

In her quest to become the first female president of the United States, Hillary Clinton will focus her campaign on women, according to campaign insiders who expect her to announce her candidacy

Our Sick Culture: The American Sniper Backlash

Only weeks after he was hailed as a kind of by-proxy hero of American free speech, Seth Rogen has revealed himself as the liberal buffoon that he is. Tweeting about Clint Eastwood’s

Civil Rights Group Announces Opposition to Redskins

If you thought the trendy controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins had lost steam amidst the other NFL scandals this year, the Fritz Pollard Alliance is here to remind you of the shocking

Obama’s Veto Pen at the Ready

Following the midterm elections, many Americans thought we would get to see congressional Republicans determine the course of the nation for the next two years. The president, his policies having been rebuked

Hate Speech Laws Have No Place in Free Society

I remain convinced that the liberal concept of “hate speech” is the most ominous threat to our First Amendment rights. Never was this challenge to liberty more obvious than in the wake