Election Time: Big Changes or More of the Same?

With most major polls indicating a big win for the GOP on Tuesday, it seems almost academic that Republicans will have full control of both houses of Congress when all the votes

Hispanic Activists Promote Voting Without ID

The subject of voter ID laws has yet to be settled by a federal court, and the nation remains divided as to whether ID should be required at the ballot box. Democrats,

U.S. Heightens Security In Reponse to Islamic Attacks

Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that they were increasing security at federal buildings in the U.S., explaining that increased terror chatter and last week’s attacks in Canada played a part

3rd Grade Handout: Mt. Rushmore Presidents Were Racists

Officials at Harold McCormick Elementary School in Elizabethton, Tennessee are scrambling to produce an explanation for a Nation of Islam handout that has at least one parent furious. According to Sommer Bauer,

Even Halloween is Bad for the Planet, say Environmentalists

If you’ve bothered to pay attention to the leftwing radicals amongst us for the last few decades, you’re probably already aware of the many things they blame for causing rising temperatures. Power

Democrats Make a Bid to Control Internet Speech

Democrats and liberals have long positioned themselves as the champions of free speech. That their political aims often seem to contradict this philosophy should come as no surprise. A) Politicians rarely hold

Protector: N.C. Grandfather Shoots Would-Be Rapists

My frustrations with liberals who would take our guns away run far deeper than the inherent unconstitutionality of their aims. After all, it’s hard to work up a deep, abiding passion for

Islamic Terrorism Hits Canada

A man who has been identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau allegedly launched an attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, driven by Islamic extremism by all accounts. Starting at 9:52 on the morning of

California Orders Churches to Finance Abortion

In a shocking disregard for religious freedoms, the California Department of Managed Health has issued an order to every insurance plan in the state: you must cover elective abortion. In doing so,

Borders Unleashed: A Glimpse at Immigration Reform

The UK’s Daily Mail on Monday stunned Americans with the news that the U.S. government is quietly preparing to issue millions of blank work permits and green cards once the elections are