4 Concepts Liberals Don’t Understand

If you spend enough time arguing with liberals, you inevitably come to see that the problems go deeper than mere disagreement. Liberals – at least those who have been sufficiently indoctrinated into

62 Percent Oppose Amnesty, But Is Change Coming?

Democrats are trying desperately to portray the reaction to Obama’s illegal immigration action as being split down party lines. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that only a handful

Ferguson In Flames: A Media-Fueled Travesty

Thankfully, the St. Louis grand jury responsible for sifting through the case of Michael Brown’s shooting didn’t let pressure from outside interests affect their judgment. On Monday night, they returned a decision

Buffalo Confiscating Guns From Families of Deceased

When the left decides it wants to do something, nothing – not even the will of the people – can stand in their way. As long as they can find an archaic

Obama and the Beauty of Washington Gridlock

When Barack Obama made his impassioned run for the presidency in 2008, his supporters saw him as the man who could finally bring change to Washington. The man who could cut through

Obama Positions Executive Action as Anti-Amnesty

Say what you will, the president proved once again on Thursday night that he can be a master politician when he wants to be. The sheer audacity of his immigration proposal was

No Shame: Obama Goes Through With Amnesty

Few conservatives ever doubted Obama’s commitment to taking executive action on immigration, though there was always the slim hope that a wise adviser or two might sway him from his decidedly un-American

Bloodbath in Jerusalem – Palestinians Murder Five

Five Israelis were murdered and seven wounded in a Tuesday morning Palestinian attack that has sent shock waves through the world. The assailants – identified as cousins Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamal

State of Emergency: The Ferguson Decision

In Clayton, Missouri, a grand jury is expected to soon announce their findings in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Their decision will determine whether or not Wilson will be

ISIS Slays Another American

As our airstrikes continue with questionable results, the Islamic State has beheaded another American aid worker. Peter Kassig became the latest publicized victim of the evil Islamists, and the video of his