Principal Slams Police, Parents Walk Out

A principal at a high school outside Kansas City, MO is facing a public backlash after using the graduation ceremony to air his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. Dr. Fred

Rubio Warns: Christianity May Become “Hate Speech”

Senator Marco Rubio (R) said this week that he had strong concerns about the future of freedom. In an interview with CBN News, Rubio said that freedom of religion and freedom of

Leftist: Military Using Budget That Could Go to Welfare

According to the commies at, the U.S. military “is a national security threat.” Why, you ask? Well, consider how much money goes to national defense spending at a time when America

Bob Woodward: Stop Blaming Bush

One of the country’s most respected journalists sat down with Chris Wallace this weekend for a conversation about the deteriorating conditions in Iraq. Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who, along with

Boy Scouts to Welcome Gay Leaders

If Boy Scouts of America leader Robert Gates has his way, gay troop leaders will be welcomed into the organization for the first time in history. Gates, the former secretary of defense,

Boehner to Obama: Fix the VA Now!

Speaker of the House John Boehner has lost his patience with the Veterans Administration, his anger obvious as he took to the floor Wednesday. “Just one person has been fired,” Boehner said.

Donald Trump: I Can Keep Illegals Out

Real estate billionaire Donald Trump may not have a particularly promising shot at becoming the next president, but he isn’t going to let those odds keep him from making his case. Appearing

Anti-Gunners Jump All Over Waco

Anyone sufficiently familiar with the MO of anti-gun groups knew what was coming the moment they heard about the horrific scene in Waco, Texas. Leave no stone unturned, they say; for the

Group Wants General Punished For Mentioning Christ

A group called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is fit to be tied after an Air Force general had the temerity to mention his faith in Christ on the National Day of

Republicans in Iowa Put ISIS Front and Center

President Obama may be obsessed with climate change and Hillary Clinton with income inequality, but Republican candidates made terrorism, Iraq, and the Islamic State their primary business as they took the stage