McCain: Trump is Turning Muslims Against Us

Isn’t it remarkable how much power Donald Trump wields over the world? Who knew? He has single-handedly managed to turn Hispanics into Hillary Clinton supporters, Jeb Bush into someone unappealing to conservatives,

Was Iran Building a Bomb? UN Says “We Dunno”

The world has waited anxiously for the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency to deliver their final report on whether or not Iran was seeking to develop a nuclear weapon for the

Obama’s Insanity is Becoming a Problem

If you were to ask ten people how they thought the United States and the rest of the civilized world could destroy ISIS, you’d likely get ten different answers. Even if you

Cheerleader Runs Afoul of PC Police

In Revere, Massachusetts, a high school cheerleader named Caley Godino made a colossal mistake: She antagonized the PC Police. For her sins, Revere High School has thrown her off the cheerleading squad

White House: Talk Gun Control This Thanksgiving

White House press secretary Josh Earnest envisions a very special Thanksgiving for Americans. Sure, there’ll be football. Yeah, turkey and pumpkin pie and all that jazz. Family and what not. But what’s

Did American Muslims Celebrate on 9/11?

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, but he is once again taking heat for something he said. Over the past week, the Republican frontrunner has twice said that he saw American

College Gives Minorities Unrestricted Op-Ed Space

Not long ago, the dean of California’s Claremont McKenna College was forced out of her job when she failed to properly submit her authority to campus minorities. Like other academia professionals who

TSA is Not Doing Anything to Keep Us Safe

For good reason, the national spotlight has turned once again to the dangers of Islamic terrorism. Why the spotlight ever went anywhere else might be a matter for some deliberation, but that’s

House Passes Bill Suspending Refugee Program

President Obama threatened to veto any legislation that would limit his administration’s ability to bring Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S., but that didn’t stop the House of Representatives from passing

Obama: Gun Control “Dominant” Issue of 2016

According to a new interview with President Obama in this month’s issue of GQ magazine, we can expect to hear much more about gun control over the next twelve months. When asked