Chicago Mayor on Defensive: Residents Don’t Want School Named After Obama

Mayor Rahm Emanuel was forced to back down from his proposal that a new high school in Chicago be named after President Barack Obama after African-American residents complained vehemently about the school’s

Are You Paying For Abortions? Government Accountability Report Says Yes

Pro-life Americans may be surprised to learn that their tax dollars are being used to fund abortions. According to the Government Accountability Office, more than 1,000 Obamacare health plans currently cover abortion

Presidential for Once – Is Obama Being Controlled By Frightened Democrats?

What force within the Obama administration led him to reverse course on some of his most enduring policies over the last couple of months. For years, this man has been preaching the

ISIS in Mexico – Obama Administration Denies Presence of Homeland Threat

According to dozens of sources, ISIS militants are gathering in Mexico, staying just far enough under the radar to make a successful journey into the United States. Emphasizing the need to put

The Twisted Message Liberals Want Us to Learn From 9/11

Last week, we observed the passing of another anniversary of September 11, 2001. It was, for the most part, a very low-key, respectful observance. For the family and survivors of 2,977 people,

“I’m Baaaack!” – Hillary Clinton Addresses Iowa and Hints at the (Scary) Future

Oh boy. The more that supporters get hyped about Hillary Clinton’s all-but-inevitable presidential campaign, the more memories come flooding back. The days of Bill Clinton’s stay in the Oval Office were filled

Are There Too Many White Officers in the Army?

You might be forgiven for assuming that, with an ongoing military campaign in Afghanistan and the prospect of another ground war in Iraq (Obama’s insistence otherwise notwithstanding), the Army’s focus would be

Back to the Front: How Obama’s War Against ISIS Could Turn Horribly Sour

On Wednesday, President Obama – at long last – outlined his basic strategy for defeating and destroying the Islamic terrorists known as ISIS. Having awakened the dreadful dragon that is the United

Welfare For Weed – EBT Cards Being Used to Buy Marijuana

With many states moving towards the decriminalization and outright legalization of marijuana, it was inevitable that we would see some abuses start to worm their way into the system. According to Alabama

Steven Sotloff Spokesman Claims Obama Could Have Done More

Steven Sotloff was the second American journalist within a month to be murdered by the Islamic State, and now a spokesman for the Sotloff family is going public with some pointed criticism