Kerry Blames Israel, Not Islam, for ISIS

It’s difficult to be thankful for the last four years of the Bush Administration, but every now and again we get a reminder of how much worse it could have been. Secretary

The Media’s Ferguson Narrative Unravels

For two months now, the left wing media in this country has hammered home a single narrative about the events of August 9th, 2014. A nice, Christian black man was gunned down

When Real Trouble Strikes, Americans Lean Right

A fascinating thing is happening in the wake of these national fears we share regarding Ebola and ISIS. People are starting to lean to the right. People are starting to grow more

Ted Cruz Turns War on Women Back on Democrats

The liberals have spent two straight elections asserting that Republicans are engaged in a “War on Women.” Spreading the meme far and wide, they persuade young voters that a vote for the

“There Were No Protocols” – Another Ebola Infection Hits Dallas

From the federal government to the average message board commenter, the national mood is changing when it comes to Ebola. Following the news that a second Dallas healthcare worker has been infected

Time to Get Serious About Small Government

Republicans talk a great game when it comes to the virtues of small government, but they’ve done virtually nothing to stop the outrageous growth of the federal behemoth. The truth is that

Texas Judge Strikes Down Voter ID Law, Libs Celebrate

Federal District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos has a funny interpretation of the Constitution, and she used it to strike down a Texas voter ID law only weeks before the midterm elections.

USA’s Optimism About Ebola is Unwarranted

While American citizens try to figure out whether the federal government’s optimism regarding a domestic Ebola outbreak is real or a sinister attempt at crowd control, a nurse who treated Liberian Thomas

Nearby Gun Range Has CA School Officials Outraged

The left’s relentless demonization of guns has obviously had its intended effect. When The Sacramento Gun Club announced plans to build a state-of-the-art, 4,000-square-foot facility in a properly-zoned section of Rancho Cordova,

Islamic Terrorists at the Border – Conflicting Stories

Reports from two different outlets say that Islamic terrorists have been coming across the border from Mexico into the United States. Should the news be confirmed, it would validate the worst fears