Government Officials to Confiscate Unhealthy Foods

British Minister of Education Lord Nash thinks it’s perfectly appropriate for teachers and other school officials to play food police with their students. “Schools have common law powers to search pupils, with

Where Has American Pride Gone?

There was a time, not that long ago, when patriotism was seamlessly woven into American culture. The stars and stripes were on everything from our blue jeans to our breakfast diners. Shoppers

1/5 of Americans: Force Clergy to Perform Gay Marriages

In one of the darkest omens for the future of this country, a new survey shows that 19 percent of Americans believe that religious institutions and clergymen should be forced to perform

Colorado Court Strikes Voucher Program

Colorado conservatives were dealt a judicial blow on Monday when the state’s highest court struck down a voucher program aimed at helping parents send their children to private schools. In a split

NYC’s Mayor Cracks Down on Smoking

If there is a place in the U.S. where freedom is withering away at a more rapid pace than usual, that place would have to be New York City. Under the authority

Treason, Terrorism, Bigotry: The Left Attacks Scalia

For liberals who support gay marriage, Friday’s Supreme Court ruling was a great victory. But even before the celebrations began, some were already back in the fight. At issue were the dissenting

It Starts: Liberals Dictate Gay Marriage Beliefs

When the Supreme Court came down Friday with their unconstitutional ruling on gay marriage, they did more than merely make state bans a thing of the past. As was feared by the

Gay Marriage: A Supreme Court Betrayal

Surprising only those naive enough to think there is one shred of constitutional integrity still left in Washington, the Supreme Court ruled Friday that gay marriage was now legal in all 50

Majority of American Muslims Want Sharia Law

A tiny minority. That’s what they always say. It’s only a tiny minority of Muslims who buy into the extreme wing of the religion. The wing that advocates violence, oppression, and absolute

Limbaugh: Will American Flag Be Next?

The list of public figures standing in support of the Confederate flag is shrinking by the day. Following the horrific church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, civil rights leaders and politicians alike