Sanders and Clinton Fight Over Who’s More Liberal

In a display that really says everything that needs to be said about how thoroughly liberalism is destroying the country, Hillary Clinton fought viciously Thursday night to rebuff the notion that she’s

Obama’s Quote of the Year: “Muslims Keep Us Safe.”

It’s only February, but President Obama has already secured himself a Quote of the Year nomination that will be tough to beat. In his first visit as president to a U.S. mosque

Politicians Have a Scary Amount of Voter Info

According to a new story in the Los Angeles Times, modern political campaigns are using advanced data profiles to roll out the most targeted candidacies in human history. With significant help from

Clinton’s Taxes Would Turn America Backwards

In December, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said that she wanted to “improve” upon Warren Buffett’s tax recommendations for the wealthy and raise rates beyond 30% for Americans making more than $1

Bill Would Let Victims Sue “Gun-Free” Establishments

Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable correlation between many of the high profile mass shootings and the “gun-free” policies in place where these tragedies unfolded. To a nearly

Will GOP Side With Trump Over Cruz?

According to the punditry of the last month, the Republican establishment will have to swallow their pride, get over their dislike of Senator Ted Cruz, and get behind him if they want

Linda Tripp: Lewinsky Alive Today Because of Me

In an explosive new interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, Linda Tripp made some damning allegations against former President Bill Clinton and his wife. Tripp, whose role as Monica Lewinsky’s confidant nearly

GOP No Longer Wants to Sue Over Iran Deal

According to a new story in The Hill, Republicans in Congress have given up on the idea of suing the Obama administration over the Iran nuclear deal. When it became clear in

Sharpton Outraged at Oscar Nominations

In bedrooms all over Hollywood, actors, directors, and producers undoubtedly celebrated seeing their names announced as Academy Award nominees this week. But you have to wonder if any of them were as

John Kerry: We’re Going to Bring in MORE Refugees!

Deaf to the wishes of the American public, Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the U.S. would be taking in even more refugees in the new fiscal year than had