How Would a Business Know Your Sexual Orientation?

According to protestors, liberals, LGBT activists, and people like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Indiana’s new religious freedom law gives the state’s business owners a license to discriminate. No one has been able

Hillary Went on Deletion Spree After Subpoena

According to a new examination of the private server used to house Hillary Clinton’s emails during her time as secretary of state, she no longer has any copies of the emails she

UN Condemns Israel as Worst Human Rights Violators

In a council comprised of such countries as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, China, Syria, and Yemen, the United Nations Human Rights Council once again took up what one watchdog group has come

An Unstable, Nuclear Middle East Looms

President Obama, eager to have something to show for his negotiations with Iran, has been caving on several key points according to sources with an inside line on the emerging deal. From

Cornell Dean Welcomes ISIS to Campus

An undercover activist for Project Veritas went to Cornell University on March 16 in an attempt to see how far a liberal institution might be willing to go to accommodate Islam. What

NY Times Writer: Throw Open the Borders

It will come as no surprise to learn that a writer for The New York Times Magazine is in favor of increased immigration. What may shock you, however, is the level of

Fight to Keep Sharia Out of Texas (and America)

A small town called Irving, Texas has become ground zero for the tension between Islam and American law. It is there that the city council has voted to endorse House Bill 562,

Ohio School Votes Away Ten Commandments

Last year, an anonymous parent complained about the plaque of the Ten Commandments displayed in the hallways of Harding High School in Marion, Ohio. Threatening to bring the ACLU in on it,

Illegal Aliens to Become…Police Officers?

Just when you thought the debate over illegal immigration couldn’t get any more ridiculous, we could soon see these border-jumpers walking around with a gun and a badge. According to a new

Lets Restore Freedom to the Private Sector

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years over whether or not Christian business owners have an obligation to host, cater to, and photograph gay weddings. So far, the law seems