Obama and Cuba: Diplomacy or Appeasement?

In a blockbuster announcement that could have wide-ranging effects, President Obama has made a giant step towards normalizing the relationship between the United States and Cuba. On Wednesday, Obama ordered full diplomatic

Orders, Memos, Directives: Obama’s Deceptive Wordplay

When Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber exposed the administration’s strategy for rolling out the nation’s new healthcare law, Americans were aghast. But according to a new story in USA Today, the use of

Newtown Families File Suit Against Gun Makers

A collection of families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 have found an outlet for their justifiable sadness and rage. Unfortunately, that outlet is a misguided one.

You’re Oppressing Me With Your Christmas Gifts

While conservatives are occupied with the liberal “war on Christmas” that involves stripping every last bit of religious imagery from the holiday, feminists have stepped in to take their own hack at

“Temporary” Food Stamp Waivers Head Into 7th Year

With the 2009 economy in tatters, the U.S. Department of Agriculture provided temporary work requirement waivers for Floridians enrolled in the food stamp program. This week it was announced that Supplemental Nutrition

Obama Mentor: Carbon Rule is “Executive Overreach”

The Harvard professor who once called Barack Obama “the best student I ever had” is now calling the administration’s carbon rule for power plants “a remarkable example of executive overreach.” Liberal constitutional

Support for Gun Rights At a Two-Decade High

Despite the work of liberal billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and grassroots groups like Moms Demand Action, support for gun rights in America is at a two-decade high. A new Pew poll finds

The United States of Food Stamps

President Obama never misses an opportunity to crow about all the good he’s done for the economy, but there is one aspect of the nation’s financial situation he doesn’t dare touch: the

$30,000: Your Share of Federal Spending

A new report from the Heritage Foundation shows that the U.S. government spent an unconscionable $28,826 per American household in 2014. As usual, the most dramatic slices of the federal budget are

Journalagendists: Is There Any Room For Unbiased News?

The news coverage of Ferguson, Eric Garner, and the University of Virginia rape case has made one thing perfectly clear: we’re living in a post-news society. Whether it’s delivered by NBC, CNN,